Why are my fans going so slowly?

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Ceiling fans that make noise can be downright maddening. Ceiling fans are intended to add comfort to your home, not provide annoyance. The sounds that ceiling fans make vary and indicate what the problem is. The following article will help you identify some quick-fixes depending on the type of noise you fan is making.


Some people like to test the ceiling fan motor before it is installed. If you are doing this without the blades attached, the fan motor is sure to make noise. All fans will make noise without the blades installed and it's really best to attach the ceiling fan blades before operation.


Is Your Ceiling Fan Making a Humming Noise?

This commonly happens when using dimmers. Dimmer wall controls are made to control lights and may cause your fan to hum. We DO NOT recommend the use of dimmers to control fan speed. You should remove the dimmer switch and replace it with a standard speed control. Another possibility is that you have a bad receiver. If you are using a remote control, remov Read More

Energy Wise Group Solar Power Installations

Should I make the switch to solar?

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"If you're choosing solar to free yourself from the shackles of your utility company, beware – that's not how it works." (more…) Read More