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Should I make the switch to solar?

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“If you’re choosing solar to free yourself from the shackles of your utility company, beware – that’s not how it works.”

Your home remains on the grid, mostly because solar panels can’t produce electricity at night. In a process called “net energy metering,” your system produces a small amount of electricity in the morning, probably enough to run things like your hair dryer or toaster. By midday, the system is at peak output but, generally, you’re not home using it. So it runs your refrigerator and covers the energy suck of plugged-in laptops and cable boxes, and flows the excess back into the grid, making your meter run backward and earning you credits. In the event that you need more energy than you make, you pull it from the grid and pay the market rate.

Setup is straightforward. Installers bolt mounts to your rafters, taking care not to damage the roof (if they do, they’re on the hook). Then they fasten the panels – glass-covered silicon sheets of photovoltaic cells, which convert sunlight to energy – to the mounts, 3 inches above the shingles for airflow. They group and tilt panels to withstand the typical “wind load” where you live, and an electrician then connects the panels to your power meter.

If you think going solar is a road you’d like to tread, contacting ERE for a consult might be a good idea.

SOURCE: Men’s Journal


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